Current Legislation

Removing Income Limits for People with Disabilities: SB 890 and HB 2202
Introduced by Senator Bob Mensch and Representative Kate Klunk respectively, Senate Bill 890 and House Bill 2202 would change the PA Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD) program, incrementally removing income limits and allowing people with disabilities who are already working to increase their earnings without losing life-sustaining Medicaid and Waiver benefits. Join us in support of SB 890 and HB 2022 by contacting your legislator.

Passed Legislation

Making Pennsylvania an Employment First State: Act 36
Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 1641, codifying the Employment First policy that the governor established by executive order in March 2016 (PA Act 36 of 2018) to increase competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Learn more here.

Historic Milestone: Act 26
Governor Tom Wolf signed an important milestone for young people with disabilities when he made House Bill 400 a law (PA Act 26 of 2016) in Pennsylvania. The new law ensures young people with disabilities have access to part-time and summer jobs while in high school, preparing them for work as adults. Learn more here.

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