Welcome to #IWantToWork, a social media self-advocacy campaign powered by young Pennsylvanians with disabilities. Our goal is to ensure people with disabilities have access to fully integrated employment opportunities and fair wages through policy, advocacy and education for all.


People with disabilities want to work, deserve to work and are great for businesses.
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Kaitlin A. Kerr shares words of thanks

#IWantToWork campaign manager, Dr. Josie Badger, along with statewide community advocates Matt Berwick, Jessica Keogh, and Kaitlin A. Kerr…

As a Pennsylvanian with a disability, I’m forced to choose between higher pay and essential benefits

PublicSource – For most people, waking up and getting ready for work is a fairly straightforward routine. You get…

Working with Benefits – Video #1

 #IWantToWork‘s Dr. Josie Badger and AHEDD’s Joy Smith discuss the process of obtaining benefits counseling. Follow #IWantToWork on YouTube…

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