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Join me and ‘like’ the #IWantToWork campaign to support people with disabilities who want to find meaningful employment in Pennsylvania. Exposure to internships and employment opportunities would mean a better quality of life for people with disabilities in PA. Learn more at www.IWantToWorkPA.org.

Follow #IWantToWork on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Post a selfie now and show your support.

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Join me and ‘like’ the #IWantToWork campaign to support expanding integrated competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Employment First legislation will remove the barriers people with disabilities face when entering the workforce in Pennsylvania. Learn more at www.IWantToWorkPA.org. #SB21  #HB1641 #EmploymentFirstPA


Follow @IWantToWorkPA to support integrated employment opportunities for people with disabilities. #EmploymentFirstPA #SB21 #HB1641


Contact your legislator today and urge them to support #SB21 and #HB1641 to make Pennsylvania an Employment First state and ensure everyone with a disability has access to integrated competitive employment opportunities. Visit www.IWantToWorkPA.org for talking points and help finding your legislator. #IWantToWork #EmploymentFirstPA


Urge your legislator to support #SB21 & #HB1641 to ensure equal employment opportunities for people w/disabilities www.IWantToWorkPA.org

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4 steps to taking and sharing your #IWantToWork selfie:

  1. Dress for success! Get your camera ready. You or someone else can take the photo. Hold your #IWantToWork sign in front of you inside the picture frame of your cell phone or camera.
  2. Smile and click the shutter to capture your photo.
  3. Post the photo, with a little information about your current or dream job, on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites. Make sure to include #WeWorkPA in your post.
  4. Encourage your friends, family or co-workers who support employment for people with disabilities to take and share their own #WeWorkPA photos, too.

view suggested talking points, sample e-mails and locate your legislator.

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