Alexa Brill

Striving for the Rights and Independence of People with Disabilities

alexa-4-webHi, I’m Alexa. I have Cerebral Palsy, and have continually strived for the rights and independence of people with disabilities throughout my life. I firmly believe that all people, regardless of their disability, should be fully included in the community and given equal access to employment.

I work two jobs. One of my jobs is Social Media Community Manager for the #IWantToWork Campaign through The Campaign for What Works. This campaign aims to help people with disabilities get part-time jobs while they’re still in school. I help with the social media for #IWantToWork on Facebook and Twitter, and posting relevant articles and news relating to employment of people with disabilities. I also visit legislators and take selfies, as well as participate in #IWantToWork Planning Sessions to help advance and spread the campaign. My degree in Sociology, my writing experience, and the diverse community I interacted with during my time at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania has also had a great impact on my success and contribution to the campaign.

It is very exciting to work on the #IWantToWork Campaign! Every day I get to post different articles and advocacy material Facebook and Twitter, an activity that I would naturally do in my free time! I find it very engaging and fulfilling! In addition, I am thrilled to have the privilege of working alongside our campaign manager, Josie Badger. The campaign will be looking to hire a press secretary, fundraiser, coalition director, research director, and a few government relations staff members.

My second job is through The Arc of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, an organization that advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as a Communications Consultant. I get emailed articles to summarize, which are then included in monthly updates that are emailed out.

Having a job has allowed me to accomplish my goal of contributing to disability advocacy, and has given me a great sense of value and purpose. It will also allow me to pay my own way, and live independently in the near future, just like everyone else!

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